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3000 ton crane barge (SADAF 3000) is a crane barge suitably equipped with A-frame for lifting jackets, platforms and other loads in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea area. In this project, the crane barge SADAF 2000 with 1600 ton lifting capacity will be converted to the SADAF 3000 with 3000 ton lifting capacity. It shall fully comply with the applicable requirements of the classification society GL, IMO and other regulatory bodies and to obtain all applicable certificates.

  • Client:
  • Sub-Contractor:
  • Date of Award:
  • Fabrication Location:
  • SADAF Co.
  • Saff Rosemond
  • 2011
  • Bandar Abbas

  • Improved of lifting capacity of existing Crane Barge from 1600 tons up to 3200 tons
AHL 3200 Crane Barge