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The South Pars field is located in the Persian Gulf approximately 100 km south-west ‎of Assaluyeh, and 175km West of Kish Island. ‎ The South Pars Oil Field Development will be executed in two phases; the First Phase ‎will consist of up to 7 production wells and will utilize a dedicated floating ‎Production Facility (FPSO).‎ For Phase I, one Wellhead Platform will be installed. ‎ The following number of wells shall be foreseen:‎

  • Production Well n° 7‎
  • Water Injections Wells n° 2 (future)‎
  • Spare Slots (for production) n° 3‎
  • Client:
  • Sub-Contractor:
  • Date of Award:
  • Fabrication Location:
  • Petro Iran Co. SAFF
  • Saff Rosemond
  • 2009
  • Bandar Abbas

Individual flow lines will transport reservoir fluids from each Christmas tree to a ‎production manifold on Wellhead Platform and then to an export riser and hence via ‎sub sea pipeline to an FPSO (Production Facilities), for stabilization, dewatering, ‎desalting and finally to be exported via shuttle tankers.‎ The design wellhead platform capacity will be 44,000 BLPD. The analysis of the ‎profiles results that the design capacity is given by the production foreseen in August ‎‎2008 and corresponding to:‎ Liquid Rate: 44,000 BFPD (35,000 bbl of oil and 9,000 of water).‎ The EPC Contract of Offshore facilities of this phase have been awarded to SAFF as ‎Contractor. SAFF has invited SAFF-ROSEMOND Engineering & Management ‎Company for PMC of detail engineering services. SAFF-ROSEMOND performs PMC of the Detail ‎Design Engineering of Offshore facilities of Oil Layer.‎

  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for engineering services comprising of basic, detail & follow up engineering
  • Preparing Jacket Installation Procedure
  • Review & endorsement of the jacket lift & transportation analysis
  • Rigging & Pad eye design
  • Sea fastening design
  • Pile drivability
  • Installation aid MTO
  • Installation drawings
PMC & Installation Engineering of South Pars Oil Layer (SPOL) Wellhead Platform Jacket