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SABA will install a platform called NEW SWIP (New Sea Water Intake Platform) near existing SWIP on jetty area in SIRRI Island. The platform will installed on four 42 outside diameter piles. SABA will use crane which located on SADAF 3000 for pile driving and other miscellaneous items installation and SADAF 3000 for platform installation. The NEW SWIP platform is located 4 m far away of existing SWIP on jetty area of SIRRI Island in water depth variable from 12 m to 24 m. The Client is the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), the Contractor for fabrication and installation is the Sherkate Qeshm Offshore Free Port and Industries (SABA) and the installation engineering is done by SAFF-ROSEMOND Engineering and Management Company. This manual describes the schemes, methods and procedures required for the execution and completion of the scope of work required for the transportation and pile driving of the NEW SWIP platform.

  • Client:
  • Sub-Contractor:
  • Date of Award:
  • Fabrication Location:
  • IOOC/ SABA Co.
  • Saff Rosemond
  • 2010
  • Persian Gulf

  • Installation
  • Engineering including
  • Load out
  • Transportation
  • Sea fastening
  • Pile Installation
  • Installation of topside
Installation Engineering of Sirri New Sea water Intake Platform