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Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) intends to install one 24" new infield pipelinesystem in Aboozar oil field. The new 24" infield pipeline system in Aboozar oil field shallbe substituted for existing 24" pipeline system between Aboozar AA Production platformand AboozarA9 wellhead platform. The vessel is to fully comply with the applicable requirements of the classification society, IMO and other regulatory bodies and to obtain all applicable certificates. Barge equipped with following facility for activity at Persian Gulf and Oman Sea area:

  • Cable laying equipment
  • Geo-technique tools
  • Accommodation suitable for 100 people co which enables barge for commissioning and any operation at sea.
  • Client:
  • Sub-Contractor:
  • Date of Award:
  • Fabrication Location:
  • SADAF Co.
  • Saff Rosemond
  • 2011
  • Bandar Abbas

The ship is built in welded steel provided with one (1) flush deck and without twin skeg. The main hull is divided by six (6) transverse watertight bulkheads and two (2) longitudinal watertight bulkheads into twenty-one (21) compartments.

  • Basic & Detail Design of Pipe/Cable Laying Barge
  • Engineering Services for Procurement
  • Class Approved Design as DP2Vessel
PCLV75 Cable Laying Barge

PCLV75 Cable Laying Barge