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3rd Floor, No.1,Ario Bldg. North Falamak Ave. Phase 4, Shahrak-e-Qods Tehran, Iran.

Zist Rosemond Co.

Zist Rosemond Co. was established as of July 2010 with the goal of Investing at R&D in the field of Medical Sciences and Technologies, Biotechnology & Farming. Establishing Golestan Agro- Industrial Company close to city of Gorgan and Aloe Vera Farm located at Qeshm Island are great examples of our commitments.

Scope of services in the field:

  • Research and Development (R&D)

  • White, Red & Green Biotechnology Projects

  • Farming & plantation


Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery (QMAB) co.

Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery (QMAB) co. the first and biggest microalgae biotechnology company in the Middle East is dedicated to bring local land and climate advantages into cultivation of unique and patented microalgae species to delivering the most advanced innovation, technology and bio-products to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, food, feed and biofuel industries.
Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery (QMAB) co.